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BPAS provides a scalable business intelligence (BI) strategy synonymous with industry-best practice.  We have established a reputation as the partner of choice for our customers. BPAS started supporting our clients with small, two-person software development projects and have steadily built a reputation of reliability. We have since become a trusted partner with our customers, with abilities ranging from concept design to solution deployment known for quality and dependability. BPAS Systems Design and development teams provide timely, accurate, and cutting-edge systems engineered and implemented to satisfy your information requirements no matter how complex your decision environment might be.


Our database and software engineering teams provide database design and management services for multiple critical operational systems in demanding environments, as well as trusted financial and business operations. BPAS has improved efficiencies and daily operations for our customers. We are experienced in creating and maintaining custom database designs and have the expertise to deliver secure data management solutions for any requirement. 




We work closely with our clients to provide end-to-end solutions. This begins with ensuring system requirements are identified, sufficiently defined, and managed throughout the lifecycle. BPAS has provided systems engineering support for large IT systems, Air Traffic control systems, and enterprise systems. We offer enterprise architecture services for our government clients.




Using tools like balanced scorecard (BSC), BPAS works with clients at both the corporate and program level to develop a practical strategy focused on achievable outcomes that align with each organization’s goals. We also work with our clients to ensure that each organization’s strategic objectives are converted into desired performance metrics and that data collection and reporting structure is designed.




We convert data into useful information. Our team of experts have mathematical and programming backgrounds. Our highly-trained engineers and mathematicians understand correlation, multivariate regression, and have built predictive and prescriptive models that extract relevant data from millions of records of data. This is achieved through probability theory, data analysis, and statistical inference to generate multiple reports. We combine this data processing ability with visualization tools and storytelling skills to provide our customers with useful information and reports. We have helped our customers predict cost and behavior as well as identify opportunities.




BPAS’s focus is to assist our clients with achieving their acquisition and program goals. Our employees are experts at procuring goods and services with sound management processes to ensure successful outcomes while adhering to acquisition and contracting policies and regulations such as the FAR. We take a full life cycle approach to our client delivery by crafting solicitations that use innovative and streamlined procurement approaches. This reduces time to award or reduce acquisition costs and ensure best value through successful outcomes for clients.




Large and small companies in the public and private sectors struggle with managing very large project portfolios. BPAS team members have experience in managing technology portfolios to support programs in achieving long-term success in environments demanding optimal performance with tight budgets and strict regulatory mandates.




BPAS helps our clients achieve their full potential by working across the organization or within specific areas of performance. We offer objective advice, focusing on the areas that will deliver the fastest improvements. We conduct a thorough analysis to identify the best opportunities using supply chain management techniques that leads to efficient and improved performance.

Products & Services

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