Technical Operations Report (TOR)


  • Lack of a reporting tool easy to use and obviates the labor-intensive way of putting together Tech Ops financial reports.


  • Designed a solution to extract “big” data from PRISM and DELPHI through a synchronized data pull operation using java standalone interfaces.
  • Implemented a Programmable Logic SQL interface to merge datasets from PRISM and DELPHI into a usable single dataset with records aligned.
  • Utilized existing resources to create flexible, time efficient, cost-effective customized applications.
  • Provided an external systems architecture highlighting the authentic agency financial data sources needed.
  • Ability to be deployed on newer technologies.


  • Near real-time access to data in dashboard view of data from PRISM and DELPHI for accurate projections and EACs.
  • Consolidated view of operating costs and allocation status by cost center.
  • Reduced report cycle times from 2-3 weeks to near real-time
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