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  • The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) within the FAA, comprises of Air Traffic Controllers, Technicians and Support Staff for a total of approx. 30,000 employees.  The Year budget for payroll alone is approx. $5.4 Billion.  This makes up approx. 72% of the overall ATO budget.
  • Since the FAA cannot afford to be short of payroll funds, it has always been cautious with payroll projection.  It was generally acceptable to project approx. 2% over in order to be safe.  However, a 2% variance means that over $100M dollars are being held and cannot be invested in other infrastructure improvement projects
  • Over 1.8 million lines of payroll data generated every pay period (26 pay periods in a year).
  • Air Traffic Controllers, Technicians and Support Staff have different hiring and retirement rules and regulations.
  • Pay raises and benefits vary depending on population type, grade and location.


  • Accurately calculate hiring cost by using previous year trends.
  • Accurately project attrition for Air Traffic Controllers, Technicians and Support Staff base on retirement requirements and trends from previous years.
  • Project cost of overtime based on past trends, future traffic projections and current staffing level.
  • Automate the whole process using algorithms and processing techniques developed at BPAS.
  • Develop tool using .Net and Oracle


  • Improved projection accuracy to approx. 0.5%.
  • Provides detailed staffing and payroll reports and dashboards down to the directorate level.

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