Contract Data Management and Processing Tool


  • The FAA NextGen (ANG) program office is responsible for capturing and reporting acquisition and financial data for contract support services acquired in ANG; however, the data is being collected and organized manually.
  • The data is currently being compiled into an existing web-based process that is dependent on manual data collection, manual consolidation, and manual validation in order to provide the required information to the ANG Executive team.
  • The two main accounting systems used ( DELPHI and PRISM) do not communicate thoroughly and often leave gaps in the reports for CORs to fill in


  • Integrates data from both DELPHI and PRISM into one location without the user being able to change that information in the new application
  • Establishes user roles and rights limiting the views a user will have depending on his/her role
  • Follows procedures and guidelines set forth by Acquisitions
  • Uses current technologies such as SQL, .Net, Java, and Oracle


  • Allows users to securely enter, manage, track, and report on activities associated with ANG portfolio management
  • Provides robust and up-to-date reports and dashboards
  • Prevents duplication of data entry and information


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