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BPAS provides solutions that allow our clients to make critical business decisions with confidence and speed. By utilizing our expertise, we can adapt our offerings to your individual business needs to provide you with easy-to-use, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions, catering to your unique organization.


The FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) required a tool to allocate and track non-pay related spending of over 150 programs within the organization. BPAS developed a tool that tracks requested funding and actual money spent for each organization along with automated reporting for top-level executives. This in turn allows the ATO to create accurate spend plans and reduce excessive funding requests.

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The Air Traffic Organization (ATO)—specifically ABP, Finance and Technical Operations (Tech Ops)— required an analysis of cost and a budget and performance process to be implemented to understand budgeting activities. BPAS collaborated with project stakeholders to analyze current budgeting information and assisted Tech Ops in finalizing BPI procedures to be taken.

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The FAA National Airspace Implementation Services Contract (NISC) required a tool that stored relevant contract financial data in a single location to provide management with a quicker and accessible reconciliation process. BPAS has completed development of this tool but continues with operations and maintenance to continue meeting client needs.

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The Technical Operations (Tech Ops) under the FAA lacked impartiality and standardization when designing their budget requests and allocation of funding within its organization. BPAS created a standardized risk-and-goals based-process, in communication with project stakeholders, to prioritize requirements for all F&E project.

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The Technical Operations (Tech Ops) under the FAA needed a tool to provide a consolidated view of their financial data and report more accurately on their finances. BPAS developed a tool to interact and extract information from the two primary databases, DELPHI and PRISM, and created efficient reporting methods using near real-time data.

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The Technical Operations (Tech Ops) Service Units under the FAA lacked a standardized process for calculating operational costs for each of their NAS facilities and systems. BPAS developed a cost methodology for Tech Ops, taking into consideration a variety of factors, while also organizing the reports by elements related to location ID and facility type. In addition, BPAS also performed an audit check to ensure the cost methodology was being implemented properly.

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The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) needed a tool that would help them accurately predict the cost of their annual payroll. Costing approximately five billion dollars, even a 1% variance could have an adverse impact on other non-pay related projects.  BPAS developed a tool that took variables such as attrition (to include various population types), OT (overtime), benefits, hiring, and more to accurately project payroll within .25% accuracy.

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eEMRT is a secure, data-driven, and web-enabled application that will allow users to electronically enter, manage, track, and report on activities associated with ANG portfolio management. Contract and financial data from FAA systems of record (such as PRISM and DELPHI) are integrated in eEMRT to eliminate redundant data entry, and provide a single integrated view of all contract data.  For all users, eEMRT also serves as a centralized repository for contract documents. Contract files can be uploaded by type and linked at the contract, task order, sub-task, deliverable, and invoice levels to support immediate access.

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